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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flowers 04.06.15

Today, let's start the Fruit & Flowers daily dispatch blog with a question:

Flowers & Treats Flowers & Treats

Which flowering plant should this Flowers & Treats gift basket head off with? On one hand, the yellow plant gives off a warm, bold and friendly feeling, whilst on the hand, the pink plant gives a soft, elegant and delicate feeling. Hmm, decisions, decisions. It might be a good thing I'm not part of the warehouse team. I would spend so much time comparing things that I wouldn't get any work done!

I remember this particular order though. I had actually taken this order over the phone yesterday. It was an order from a son in Richmond who wished to send his mother in London a birthday basket. The gentleman was very friendly and easy to talk to, and he clearly knew exactly what he wanted for his mother which shows how much time he had thought about the present. How sweet!

Moving along, we have giant fruit basket moving along the  warehouse worktops.

Birthday Fruit, Cheese & Nuts Birthday Fruit, Cheese & Nuts

It might not look it from the picture, but this Birthday Fruit, Cheese & Nuts gift basket is huge and rather heavy. I had to be extra careful moving it because not only does it weigh its size, the fruit at the top threatened to roll off with each step I took.

It was time like these that I can especially see and appreciate why these gift baskets need to be shrink wrapped in cellophane. It keeps them secure and intact during transit. It occurs ery rarely, but we do get one or two complaints regarding why our basket do not appear as they do online. These customers want the baskets to arrive exactly like they look online. Which meant they want tendrils of grapes dangling elegantly off the edge, fruit heaped decoratively in and over the basket, chocolates propped up etc and no cellophane wrapping. Can you imagine packing such a basket display into a box? And then how it would go through the delivery circuit? I could barely make it across the room without a clementine attempting to escape the basket, much less expect all the fruit to still be within the container after it had just travelled across the country!

Anyways, moving on! The last ones to come through to the wrapping team were ones I had been waiting for eagerly: a trio of Birthday Favourite gift baskets.

Birthday Favourites Birthday Favourites

As you can see, I had a bit of fun setting this trio of baskets up. I think I made it look pretty good, no? Naturally, it is nothing in comparison to the set ups our professional design and photography team came up with for the website. But I should get a star for trying at least? Let me know what you think!

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