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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 25.06.15

As I had mentioned a few times before, the fruit baskets are usually the last ones to get their picture taken. As with a few times already, each time I say that, I end up taking a fruit basket as my first picture of the day.

The same happened today again, with this basket being the opening act of my photography session:

724873 Detoxify for Her

This is the Detoxify for Her gift basket. It's not ordered very often which is why it stood out to me today. So much that it became my first photo of the day! I love the way the colours are so vibrant in this basket because of the fruit, yet the pamper items calms it down and makes a mellow and very... relaxing looking? It's something that I could imagine seeing in a spa and it almost shouts "healthy little pampering treat for some much needed downtime". Maybe it's just me.... I hope it's not. Maybe the recipient birthday girl in Nottingham would share my thoughts on this matter once she received the basket.

Then, we have a basket which had been ordered quite a while ago - the start of the month actually. Candy, in India, had ordered this Flowers for Her basket on the 8th June and it is to be dispatched until today, for delivery tomorrow for her mum's birthday in Staines Upon Thames.

724489 Flowers for Her

More often than not, customers order our gifts to be dispatched within 2-3 days of ordering. Sometimes we have some organised individuals who orders a week in advanced, and then we have those extremely organised ones who order more than two weeks in advance! I really wish I myself was that organised.

Now, we have enough 'For Her'  gift baskets, let's get a 'For Him' one in here.

712913 Revitiliser for Him

We have a great range of pamper baskets for male recipients but perhaps people don't immediately think of them when arranging a gift, so we don't get as many pampering basket orders for male recipients. That being said, when we do, it makes me think, wow, we really do have a basket or hamper designed for each occasion!

This is a Revitaliser for Him gift basket, not as popular as the Get Well Fruit for Him baskets, but definitely more focused on pampering and entertainment side of getting better instead of the more yummy food. After all, if you're sick, you're bound to be a little bored lying in bed, right? The Revitaliser has magazines, a tingli head massager, a puzzle book and also skincare products to make sure your skin looks good even when poorly.

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