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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 18.06.15

Sometimes, when I go out to photograph the baskets, not all of them are ready for pictures. Usually, it would be the fruit baskets which are the slower ones, as our fresh fruit sometimes don't arrive until lunch time. Sometimes after lunch as well as proven when Andrea was sent out of the office in a great rush to buy two fresh melons for two last minute orders.

Obviously, I'm not going to lurk in the warehouse and wait for these baskets. Oh no, I would probably end up getting in one of the team's way and undoubtedly be told to stop looking at the chocolates and cheese with hungry eyes. So what we do is that we go along the assembly area, reading what baskets are not complete yet and place marks on the packing lists for the baskets we want a quick snap of. Usually, this worked well enough, I could go back in and do my work in the office and the chocolates and cheese in the warehouse will not be ogled at. I will then return one or two hours later and the marked baskets would be left aside for me while they other on packaging the others first.

Today, because the warehouse was so busy, they actually forgot to check which were marked and which were not. By the time I got back out into the warehouse for photographs part two, I found out that one of my marked baskets were wrapped and boxed! Oh... well... er... it's fine. There are others I can work with and I still had two other marked, like here:

Flowers & Treats Flowers & Treats

This pair of Flowers and Treats which I literally rescued at the last monent. Look, even the flowering plant was packaged and I could only save ONE of the flowers. The other was who knows where in the packaging process already. That being said, the way way it was one flowering plant in the picture balances it out quite pretty. The one on the left is a birthday gift to Jean in Romsey. It was ordered by her kids in Southampton.

The one of the right have an interesting gift message now. It's Orla in Navan, sent by her 'fellow Twits' and they are sorry this wasn't really the 'vouchers' they wanted to send her, but hoped she would enjoy this even more than 'vouchers'. I don't know about you but I think I would gladly take a gift basket over vouchers any day! Unless you're talking about hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers for fancy food, dining and travel, then you may consider my interest very piqued.

Then I have this Chilled Flavoursome Gift Basket ordered by Sean in Australia and being sent to their mum's birthday birthday in London.

Chilled Flavoursome Gift Basket Chilled Flavoursome Gift Basket

I just love gift baskets which has many different things in it. Some people like their fruit baskets separate from their gourmet items. For me, gimme it all! And this basket has it all! Salmon, ham, cheese, biscuits, crisps, chocolates, fruit. The only thing it does not come with are cutlery to dig in with. Mmmmm~

The last basket I managed to get before they started wrapping it up was a Healthy Fruit & Cheese Gift Basket.

1104367 Healthy Fruit & Cheese Healthy Fruit & Cheese

I had mentioned it before but pineapples always look terrific in a gift basket. They really add to the wow factor in my opinion. You may not be able to see it clearly but tucked behind the pineapple is a packet of mixed savoury nuts. This are currently our complimentary item of the week.  And they are gorgeous! Perfect to snack on in between bites of fruit and cheese. We are sure they would come as a welcomed surprise to the recipient in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

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