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Arty Party, Only a Little Tardy

Don't you love that feeling of getting new equipment at work? Like new stationery, new keyboard, new mouse, new computer or printer. You get so eager to try them out, ooh-ing and ah-ing over the new features and suddenly the old one just doesn't compare anymore.

That was me earlier this month when Baskets Galore got me a new piece of equipment - a new drawing tablet!

Me with Cintiq

Oh gosh, where to begin.

Well, I'm sure you probably know that I like to doodle here and there and maybe all the time. In fact, there is a pile of scrap paper at my desk and every time the phone rings, I grab a sheet, with the full intention of using it to take down notes as I talk to the caller - things such as names, numbers and such because I am horrid at remembering things unless they're in a written form. More often than not, all these notes would end up being accompanied by random doodles such as swirls, flowers, hearts, smiley faces, trees, houses etc.

See, doodles everywhere! See! Doodles everywhere!

If you had ever visited our About Us (Our Story) page, you would see pictures I've drawn of our staff as well. Those were all drawn on paper, scanned then the design team coloured them in. As you can see, the linework on the pictures were rather far from neat, because curse, I draw my best with a ball point pen but it comes with the disadvantage of being un-erase-able so my art just looks super messy.

Now that I have a new drawing tablet, I can finally redo those pictures digitally - like I had been wanting to do for about a year now! Unfortunately, June had me very, very busy with Father's Day and also a Nutrition Information photographing compilation project that had landed in my lap. But now that Father's Day is truly well and over with, I can hopefully kick of a massive art spree.

I've already got several requests from people in the office to draw other things too. Neil had asked me to help him get my drawing gear on to help him visually present a diagram he created up which would help our Design team better categorise our new website pictures. This way, each picture would have an 'objective' and not just a pretty thing to look at on the site. This would help greatly, especially in the fruit and flowers gift baskets section where... well, there are only so many varieties of fruit and flower pictures you can have before they all start looking rather same-y. It's like rather like: "Oh an flowering plant....then another flowering plant... then another one at maybe a different angle." We can't have that now, can we?

So keep an eye out for new art stuff from me in the coming months!

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