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Adding That Little Bit Extra, The WOW Factor

Selina & I were on the fruit run today and as well as getting all the standard fruits such as apples, oranges and grapes we also bought extra's like plums, kiwi, blueberries, apricots and passion fruit.

Our fruit baskets are among our best sellers and by now you'll probably have heard us talk about the care and attention that goes into creating each one. The fruit contained in all the different fruit baskets we offer is listed in the description on the website, but quite often you get a little bit more than this as some seasonal fruits will be added as an extra treat. Some customers create their own fruit basket picking from the fresh fruit collections we offer, and when doing this it can be difficult to visualise what the end gift basket will look like. If we think the final basket maybe looks a little bare or not as colourful as it could be, then our hard working packers have the authority to add some extra colourful fruit or a complimentary item to complete it.

A recent example of this was when a lady in New Jersey created a basket for her husbands birthday, to send to him in Surrey.

She selected 2 different fruit collections and a packet of nuts, but a medium size basket. The 2 types of fruit collections she chose were also quite brown and green in colour and so the gift was quite dark. Because she had selected a medium basket it also looked a little bit empty.

Lynne got to work on adding some more colour and content by popping a few more colourful pieces of fruit in, our promotional item and a couple of complimentary ones:

Stoned fruits - Nectarine, Apricots & Plums, and Clementines
Luscombe Passionate Ginger Beer
Exquisite Chocolate Sauce
Single Red Rose (Silk)

She also snapped a before and after picture so as we could let our customer see the end result and how we had helped to make it even better.

We hope this gives you confidence in creating your own gift baskets, as we won't send anything out that doesn't have that 'wow' factor.

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