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Tablet Reading, Onwards Healing

Get well baskets are a year round thing. It cannot be helped, let’s admit it, people get sick all the time. I cannot even pass a day without being informed that somebody I know was at some stage of being sick – more often than not, it tends to be the same people time and time again. And nothing encourages a sickly person’s recovery more than a thoughtful gift from somebody they know.

We had dispatched many, many get well gifts, but this one basket order we got earlier this month, was truly unique. A customer in Glasgow emailed, enquiring about the possibility of adding a few things to one of our baskets, the Executive Elle.

Executive Elle Gift Basket

Of course, we answered ‘Sure! Happy to help!’ whilst thinking, maybe more biscuits? Chocolates? A magazine? A mug? He replied and confirmed that at least one of our guesses were correct – Aha! A mug! A golf one as well. Oh, we have that, no biggie. That was no problem at all to add to the basket.

Then he wanted one more thing that we definitely do not stock, and it’s the first time such a request had been asked of us. He wanted a Kindle to be added to the basket.

I think it would be safe to say that the team was in a collective stunned silence for a few seconds. Wow! Just… wow! A Kindle? In a basket? Why had nobody ever thought of this? Sure, we get magazines and novels in baskets, but a Kindle? WOW!

Needless to say, we are sure whoever received the basket would be in for a surprise and, honestly, who would complain about getting a reading tablet amongst a basket of food? Certainly not us!

So with a flurry of excitement, the Kindle was ordered and the customer was delighted we could fulfil his order. He had also told us that the recipient was in and out of the hospital quite often, so we offered to call the recipient and check which days would be ideal for sending the gift.

Both sides were immensely appreciative of our help in this and we kept them informed of the progress (all the while, without letting on to the recipient what exactly the gift was – they were very excited by the end of it)

The final basket (before cellophane wrapping) The final basket (before cellophane wrapping)

Soon the basket was made up, and sent whizzing its way to the recipient. The last thing we heard was that the delivery was a success. We haven’t heard back as to what the recipient thought of their surprise gift but we hope it helps them on the trip to recovery!

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