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Office Drama Of The Week

It wouldn't be a normal week at BasketsGalore without some sort of drama happening to us in the office or warehouse. We always have your orders under control, but usually something non-customer related will happen to try us like a supplier letting us down or an office epidemic!

Lynne actually nicknamed the end of the week as "Freaky Fridays" as Victoria and I often experience these on days Lynne & Roma are off or out of the office. I experienced many freaky Fridays in October and November in the lead up to Christmas when we are trying to iron out any website and courier software issues or test new aspects of them. Victoria has also had a few 'Freaky Fridays' lately when she spends half the day organising re-deliveries for people who are on holiday/never at home all while the DHL reps false teeth are falling out!

However, this latest issue happened on a Thursday instead (so a "Testing Thursday") and was a power cut! We immediately checked the fuse box to see if it was just us, then checked with our neighbouring businesses before finding out on Twitter that the whole county & capital had no power.

Now what happens at an internet company when you have no power? Not a lot unfortunately! We couldn't check emails, take calls or process orders. Luckily it was during the day and so weren't plunged into total darkness. We decided to use the time to have a spring clean instead and we all tidied and washed our desks (this also helps keep all those pesky germs away). The warehouse weren't completely helpless as they could carry on packing hampers, but just couldn't scan them into the system immediately.

Power cut

Luckily the power cut only lasted half an hour and then we were back in business. It did make us think that perhaps we should get a generator in case it happens for a longer period of time or during December when losing 30 mins would be a major catastrophe! Although we do usually have a back up plan for most things. When we first moved into this new warehouse our broadband provider left us with no internet for a full working week and again as an internet company it's completely vital to our operations. In this case we had to have people working from home and resort to a mobile internet dongle to help us process your orders, as we'll do whatever it takes to ensure your gifts arrive on time.

Have you ever experienced a disaster at work & how did you work around it?

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