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Nostalgia Versus Current Day DVD Releases

BasketsGalore include DVD's in several of our Gift Baskets and we have a choice of male, female, standard or upgraded. The standard DVD's are from the previous year and the upgraded version is the more recent or current year's titles.

Normally these are ordered in bulk well in advance, but when supplies ran low I was given the task of sourcing them myself and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon picking out all of my favourites ready to be ordered by Lynne when she was ready. Well, suffice to say my choices went down like lead balloons and were all decreed too ancient for all you customers.

Funnily enough a short time later we got a create your own order for "The Notebook" which was released in 2004. I felt vindicated in my thoughts that the golden oldies are often the best!  Because of the request Laura from our design team, who is a mere twenty something, decided to have a cozy night in with a bottle of wine and watch "The Notebook" and she says it was a real tear jerker. It makes me think that perhaps we should have "A Taste of Nostalgia" Gift Basket with a box of tissues among other items, for sale.



So what is your opinion? Should we introduce some classics to our collection?

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