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Never Work With Children Or Animals - Our Little Video Stars

You may have read about us creating a range of videos lately to help showcase the wonderful products we sell in our baby gift baskets.

We used a variety of different formulas for each video including stock photography and images given to us by suppliers featuring their products. However. we had trouble getting photos of certain products in use. Then Lynne had the brainwave of using our very own little models - Katherine and Rowan. This of course was easier said than done as Katherine decided she didn't want to smile for the camera at this particular moment and Rown was too busy dragging his trucks and blocks around.

Katherine was already the proud owner of one of our teddy blankie's having been given one when she was born. She is now a big 3 and still brings it everywhere. She has also had more than one of them, as mummy always keeps a spare one because she can't sleep without 'her' (yes teddy is a girl of course!) Sometimes Katherine calls into the warehouse with mummy or nanny on her way home from nursery and if she spies another blankie in someone's gift basket then she points at it and wants to take it home, convinced it's hers!

Kat with Teddy Blankie

Rowan was to pose with one of our Collectors teddy bears and after chasing him around the house and studio and taking about 100 shots we managed to get a usable one. We did have to confine him to his high chair though!

You can see Katherine & Rowan featuring in our Baby Toys Video at the moment or click through to our Toys Section to see all the little cuties we stock and the video features here too.

Hopefully Rowan & Katherine will agree to feature in some future videos for us too!

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