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Mum's May Birthday

May is my birthday month and therefore I'm a Taurean, the bull. When I was young I thought that this was quite a boring star sign and would have preferred to be Aquarius or Gemini as these sounded more exciting, but over the years my steadfast and stoic little bull has carried me through life with enthusiasm and an inner strength that I have learned to appreciate a lot. Do you feel that you suit your own star sign?

I was out to lunch on Friday with my father and my sister so had a good old natter. My dad is a Taurus as well and will be ninety later this month so it is a joint celebration. Lunch was at The Olde Inn, Crawfordsburn and we had a great time. The food was delicious and I really enjoyed myself. I received some lovely flowers from sis and a 'wee cheque' from dad, who incidentally insists he is only 89 years but we know better! On Saturday night I was treated to a slap-up dinner including wine in The Jamaica Inn, Bangor, by my children, so it was lovely getting all glammed up for that!

If I had to choose a Birthday Basket from the BasketsGalore range it would have to be Birthday Favourites which appears to be simply a party in itself as it contains a Happy Birthday Balloon, Fudge Cake with Birthday Candles, yummy Lindt truffles, Shortbread, Milk Chocolate Bar and a selection of sumptuous fruit.  Second choice would have to be a more Pampery Basket such as Ultimate Indulgence which has a choice of Magazine, a DVD, a Reading Novel, a Body Butter and Body Cream Gift Set by La Poetica, Bath Oil tea-bags, a Lavender Face Mask, a Scented Candle and also some chocolates, shortbread and delicious Hot Chocolate. Picture the scenario; light your scented candle, run your bath and add the bath oil teabags, relax in the warm water with your face mask on, sipping your hot chocolate and nibbling on the chocolates. Afterwards apply your scented body butter and chillax watching your DVD or just have a read in bed! Heaven!

Well back to work after an amazing Birthday 'Weekend'. On Sunday we had a special party at Donaghadee with all of my grandchildren. There were 'Top Hats' made by the girls- 3 and 6 years old and a special home-made strawberry and cream sponge cake made by Lynne.  My grandchildren helped me blow out the candles, one was a little too eager but the singing was brilliant. You can see from the photo what a wonderful time was had by all!  Another first was that I was on Katherine's trampoline for the first time in my life and another tick off my bucket list.  No aerobics of course I'll leave those to Annabel who has had more time to perfect them!  Those of you who have read my Birthday Flowers blog will know that I was expecting yellow carnations (which say "I wish I could be with you"), from my son in Australia and I was not disappointed.  I have a sneaky suspicion that he got a bit of a nudge though from closer to home!

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