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Laura Take's Up Kickboxing!

It's coming up to that time again for a BasketsGalore website redesign and I know all too well what that means! It means that not only do I have to work with all the boy's in the IT department including a brand new student, but manage them as well. Last time we had a website redesign it was 2013 and I remember it like it was's hard to forget three boys squabbling over the best way to build a navigation bar like a bunch of old women! And then there was me, stuck in the middle of the chaos trying to manage, delegate and in general just be listened to!! I'm quite a tiny, un-intimidating type of girl with a voice that I'm pretty sure is so soft & high pitched only dogs can hear it, so you can imagine the problems I faced dealing with the boys.

So I had a think to myself, I can't let that happen again...what's a girl to do?! Then I had a light bulb moment, I gotta get tough I thought! Now if I could potentially kick these boy's butts they'd have to listen to me, so I began scouring the internet for martial arts class and I came across a local ladies only kick boxing class, this shall do me I thought, not only will it keep me fit but it'll turn me into a ninja!

Wednesday night came around, I got dressed and headed to the class after work. I walked in and straight away felt daunted by the boxing ring and all the professional kick boxers that were probably going to kill me...WHAT WAS I THINKING!?


The class began, at least it is all women I thought it won't be too bad, but it was hard work! I realised just how unfit I actually am and how my arms are no more use than two strings of spaghetti. I especially had trouble when it came to the push up exercises during the warm up, I'm pretty sure I spent most of my time just lying around on the floor praying my arms would work better! Next up we got to put on boxing gloves, pair up and take turns being padded, human punching bags to practice our right and left hooks.


It's safe to say I was very much exhausted by the end of the first class & I was sore for AT LEAST a week afterwards and had the motor skills of a 90 year old but I wanted to continue my kick boxing classes, they were just soooo much fun and besides they are quite useful skills to learn, being a teeny weeny girl and all that!


flying-kickCurrently I am on my 3rd class and am feeling much fitter and I'm getting a lot better! Okay soooo maybe the flying kick above is a bit of an exaggeration but I have definitely seen an improvement and also now it doesn't take me a week to fully recover from one class which can only be a good thing! Best of all...I have learned some special skills to keep those unruly IT boy's in their place when the big redesign begins, BRING ON BasketsGalore's 2015 website!

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