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Combining Your Products With Our Own

As well as selling our gift baskets online, we also have a large number of corporate customers. Some buy quite frequently throughout the year & so have accounts with us, some purchase in bulk at Christmas time and some buy a few times a year when they are running a promotion or event.

We were recently contacted by a company acting on behalf of a well known brand of biscuits. They wanted to combine some of their own biscuits with products we already stocked to create a customised gift basket just for them. They had selected our popular Red Hot Lava gift basket (available on, which is full of sweet treats and red wine.

Combining your own products with ours, or adding your company literature to a gift is no problem at all to us. We are happy to help whether you wish to order just a few units or hundreds of units.

We also offer a photography service where we create the customised basket you have described and then email some photograph's through for approval. Sometimes the client wishes to see different combinations of a gift, with 1 or more of their products inside. It can be difficult for them to imagine the end result as they haven't seen the size of the individual items within, and so a photograph of the various options can help them to make a decision.

This particular client originally asked to see options with 1, 2 & 3 of their own products alongside the others contents within our chocolate gift basket. Their biscuits are boxed and so quite bulky and we explained the items would need to go into a larger hamper if they wanted to go with all 3 products. As they were keen to keep the volumetric size of the gifts down for shipping purposes, they ruled out the 3 products immediately and so we photographed it with 1 and 2 products.

When presenting the options to them we advised that the 2 items seemed to work best based on the arrangement of all the other products and both they and their client agreed. They did however ask for less emphasi or focus to be placed on their own biscuits, as we had originally given them pride of place.

After some careful rearranging to get the items to fit together seamlessly (there is definitely an art to packing hampers!) we took some new photographs and our customer was delighted with the result. We also then arranged for a sample to be sent to their offices so as they could see the product in person and show their own client.

Corporate Crackers


We are now awaiting a pallet of their biscuits arriving so as we can begin assembly of these fantastic gift baskets.

If you have an idea for a gift basket featuring some of your company products please just get in touch with us on

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