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Celebrating Those BIG Anniversaries In Style

My 6 year old niece recently asked her Nanny (my mum), "How long have you had Steve for Nanny?", referring to her long-term partner. Mum had a bit of a chuckle and explained, but wondered why she had thought to ask that.

Lynne (Annabel's mum) then happened to mention in work that it was her & Stephen's 20 Year Anniversary this year, so perhaps she had heard them talking about this. They have been married for 10 years but together for a whopping 20! This is very impressive, but made us all feel very old as we remember first meeting Stephen ALL those years ago now.

Our brother (and fellow BG Director) Neil then revealed it was his & Gintare's 10 Year Anniversary that weekend, another impressive milestone! Next year will be mine and Andy's 15 Year Anniversary! And in case you're wondering Mum has 'had' Steve for 18 years!

Although Anniversaries come along every year, the majority of them aren't thought of as that special as they are a random 3, 11, 17 years etc (although let's face it, every year is an achievement!) However, what about those big, milestone Anniversaries, surely they deserve some extra recognition? This is what we try to achieve as part of BasketsGalore's Anniversary Gift Baskets. As well as gift baskets to celebrate general anniversaries we also theme ones for Silver, Pearl, Ruby Golden & Diamond Anniversaries i.e 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year anniversaries - wow!

Anniversary gift baskets tend to be made up of delicious food and drinks, perfect for couples to share and enjoy. They are then themed with an Anniversary gift card relating to whichever anniversary it is and sometimes have items such as handmade anniversary photo albums, for the happy couple to store all those perfect memories in.

This reminds us that Lynne & Neil better get their thinking caps on for presents for their other halves, as something tells us a gift basket would be cheating in our case!

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