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Birth Month Flowers & Gifts

This month is my birthday month and I have always been aware that my birthday flower was Lily of the Valley. Some sites have a photo of a large Lily as the flower for May but the Lily of the Valley is a small delicate white flower which grows from a bulb. I remember as a child that my granny had them growing in her garden and you rarely see them for sale in the shops. They are meant to symbolise sweetness and humility and give the message that you've made my life complete.  That's me in a nutshell!

June has the Rose as its birth flower, from the Latin Rosa.  All the different colours of the Roses say different things from "I Love You" the red, "You Are Heavenly", the white, "You Are My Secret Love" Orange, and "I Am Not Worthy Of Your Love", the yellow to "Please Believe Me" the pink. The Victorian's were strictly restricted by the rules of etiquette when it was inappropriate to express feelings of love and affection.  The language of flowers evolved when a message was assigned to a specific flower. Andrea has a June birthday and really loves her Roses.

July has the Larkspur or Delphinium which symbolises feelings of an open heart.

August has Gladiolius which symbolise love at first sight, strength of character and moral integrity.

September has the Aster which is Greek for star and symbolises "Take Care Of Yourself For Me".

October has the Marigold with the message "My Thoughts Are With You", and a symbol of sympathy or sorrow. I personally have never associated these with funerals. Andrea informs me that the rich amber colour of the Marigold denotes the changing colours of the Autumn leaves.  Rowan,  Andrea's  baby son was born in October and his favourite book has an Autumn leaf section where he can turn a wheel and make the leaves change colour- how appropriate is that!

November has the Chrysanthemum symbolising cheerfulness. The message being" You're A Wonderful Friend".  My oldest grand-daughter has this birth flower and is always cheerful.

December has the Poinsettia, Narcissus or Holly, the symbol of domestic happiness and the message of "You're The Only One". Lynne has this flower and she's definately the only one!

January has the Carnation or Snowdrop. Symbolising Love, fascination and distinction. Red saying "My Heart Aches For You." Pink saying "I'll Never Forget You", and Yellow "I Wish I Could Be With You." This is quite amazing for me as my youngest son is a January birthday and is currently living in Australia so I'll expect my yellow Carnations any day now!

February has the Iris or Violet, symbolising faithfulness, wisdom and hope.  Giving Violets meant that you would always be true. Neil has this birth flower and is very wise!

March has the Daaffodil meaning "You Are An Angel". Symbolic of rebuilding and new beginnings.

April has the Sweet Pea of Daisy,  Love, youth and purity is symbolised by these and the message is innocence and gratefulness.My little grand-daughter Katherine is an April child and this sums her up well!

So which flower is associated with your birthday and do you think it is fitting? More importantly is it your favourite flowers?

This could be an idea for our floral birthday baskets, with the flowers you receive matching your birth month.

Birth Month Flowers Birth Month Flowers

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