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BasketsGalore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 29.05.15

Hello again! It's a busy, busy Friday so I had volunteered my services again to help with the daily dispatch blog posts. Because you know how much I enjoy chatting and rambling away in my posts. Evidently one day of dispatch blog writing isn't enough and if I have time, I try to take on more blog posts when I could. Without further ado, let me introduce the first gift baskets onto fashionable basket runway.

We have a Mother/Grandmother's Birthday Basket heading off to Colchester. This one was ordered by Tracy who is currently in Denmark.

Mother/Grandmother's Birthday Basket Mother/Grandmother's Birthday Basket

This basket comes with a very homely looking ceramic mug with a sweet message of "Mums are like buttons ....They hold things together" It contain items such as rocky road and a gorgeous tea cake, perfect for mummies to enjoy over a cup of nice tea.

Next, the exam season is evidently still not over yet (Good luck, you guys!) as another Exam Cram basket left out depot today.

Exam Cram Exam Cram

This one was ordered by a trio of people in New York and was sent to encourage Daisy in Cornwall on with her studies. The gift message is so heart-warmingly encouraging that even I was motivated to work my best from it! Good luck, Daisy! We hope these snacks helps you during your intense study sessions!

And lastly, of course, we cannot reached the end of the week without at least featuring our Chocolate Eruption basket again. Who can blame us? It's by far one of our most popular and so good looking even I have to make googly eyes at it when I walk past the baskets out there.

Choc Erupt Chocolate Eruption

Did I mention that it is also currently in our Sales section? It was originally £39.99 and not, it's discounted down by 20% to £32.99! This particular basket is ordered by... (insert drum roll here)... Anonymous! No, seriously, they had actually wished to remain anonymous and had signed the gift message as so. Now, we know who ordered it, of course, but we're not going to be a tattle-tale and spill any beans on the matter. But it's going to a team of people in London so I can imagine how excited that office would be when they received it. All the guessing of who, why and where would a fun gossip make, yessums?

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