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BasketsGalore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 20.05.15

Gift baskets-wise today, we're not sending out a lot of general food ones today. They seem to mainly be baby baskets or ones which do not contain a lot of food. There were two Chocolate Eruption gift baskets, but, handsome looking baskets or not, I'm sure you are all well aware now that the Chocolate Eruption is one of the most popular baskets and have seen enough pictures of it to know it by appearence, yes? I know I had at least wrote about it in two daily dispatch posts already so who knows how many other ones had them as well.

So let's not focus on the Chocolate Eruptions today and focus on the ones I don't see quite as often.

First, our sister company Ciseain Go Leor sent us up a picture of this beauty of a basket.

Proud Parents Proud Parents

It's called a Proud Parents basket, designed for the new mummies and daddies. It comes with a Fine Arts Winnie the Pooh figure which is hand painted and, I must stress, very charming looking. What a great keepsake for the birth of a new baby. It's makes this basket stands out!

Back over to our Baskets Galore warehouse, we have a No. 1 Daughter Gift Basket being sent as a birthday present. It's from her father in the US and will be delivered to where she is currently at in Ballinasloe.

7906136 No 1 Daughter No. 1 Daughter

Just look at the fluffy duck soft toy! It was all I can do not to lift it out of the basket and gift it a hearty squeeze of a hug! This basket also works as Number One Sister Gift Basket too, we would just change the themed cup to a Sister mug and it would be set to make the day of any sisters you may have.

A long while back, I wrote a blog post about the Birthday In A Tin product we had stocked. It was one where I took the contents out to examine each item in the tin, and ended up getting birthday confetti all over my desk. Today, it's my first time seeing it's companion, Train Set In A Tin.

724132 Entertain You Entertain You

It was in an Entertain You gift basket and thankfully, it didn't have confetti in it so I didn't have to fear getting it everywhere when I opened it for a quick pic (can you imagine the look Katarzya will give me if I spilled confetti all over her basket assembly worktop?) This basket is part of our Get Well Baskets for Men range and comes with a car construction kit alongside a book, snacks and a get well balloon. We hope this baskets keeps you entertained as you get better, Robert (Epping, UK)

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