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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 28.05.15

After yesterday's fire alarm drill, we are eternally grateful that today was passing without another bout of standing in the rain and cold. Honestly, it's May and we're still experiencing weather that reminds us more of autumn than it does spring. I guess it's rather typical UK weather and we are mostly use to it by now -  though shivering cold toes says otherwise yesterday while waiting for the okay to get back into the warmth of the office. I was in dire need of a cuppa and a nibble after that fire drill!

Speaking of cuppas and nibbles, check out these baskets which is filled to the brim with baked nibbles perfect to accompany all the cuppas you may make!

Baked Sensations Baked Sensations

The Baked Sensation proved popular today. One of the above two are going to Staines-Upon-Thames and the other is going to Cornwall. I am sure they will be warmly received by the lady recipients they are for. It's time to prop your feet up, pour yourself a cup of lovely tea and enjoy a cite or two. Start with the tea cake. It's gorgeous with tea. It is actually made with tea in it!

Then, we had a Brunch Basket coming through the warehouse. I spent many-a-time fussing with the lid of the hamper so that it sat just right in or to support the salmon and meat just that perfectly.

724255 Brunch Brunch Basket

The Brunch Basket differs slightly from our Breakfast Basket. It's larger and contains cold meats such as salmon and ham, and also cheese! It's like the Breakfast basket but with bonus savoury items. This one was ordered by a son in Toronto with the intention of sending his love across the ocean to his mum in Dublin who would behaving her birthday tomorrow. Awwwww~

Finally, we have the Artisan Fayre.

Artisan Fayre Artisan Fayre

This one is super popular and frankly, I am amazed that I had written so many blogs and not got a chance to write about it yet on the daily dispatch. I guess it's a matter of timing? This one if a birthday gift from a customer in Upper Coomera, Australia and it's being sent to a mummy/nanny in Cowes, Isle of Wight! It even comes with details for the driver regarding the apartment complex's mailing system. We have an experience sender here and we are glad she had taken to time to give these instructions beforehand, it helps the delivery drivers from becoming little lost lambs once they get to the premises.


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