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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 07.05.15

Sometimes, at our head office we get calls from customers who thought they are calling Bangor in Wales. I even had a customer during Christmas last year who went on about how much he loved the area, how beautiful the land is and how much he would love to visit again. It was not until he started trying to say some place names in Welsh that I realised he wasn't talking about the same place I was. Let's just say, the guy quickly got awkward and hurriedly tried to assure me that he was certain 'my' Bangor was just as good as the 'other' Bangor.

And today, we got an order from the Welsh Bangor!

Chocolate Eruption Trio

One of these three Chocolate Eruptions was ordered by a Welsh (Bangor) gentleman and it would be heading off to Edinburgh to celebrate a student's completion of her filming project. With exams literally at their doorstep or heading round the corner, we are getting orders in from their families and friends, all wishing to send them a basket of encouragement. One of them even have a gift message "I can't cook you a meal, but I thought these treats might help on days when you need a lift!" - Isn't that thoughtful now?

Students are not getting all the attention this week, of course. Babies are too! With the birth of a new princess being on every magazine cover, I seem to notice the baby girl oriented baskets more than ever. This one a gift from a friend in Boston, USA to a new mummy and daddy in London. They even ordered extra chocolates to include as well!

Le Petit Baby Basket plus Dessert Chocs

With International Mother's Day coming up, I would had thought the next basket was to celebrate it. But to my surprise, it wasn't. Instead it was from a grandchild in Perth, Australia and it is a Mum/Grandma Time basket going to a grandmother in Co. Kerry, Ireland to wish her a Happy Birthday. With a grandmother who is living on the other side of the world to where I am, I certainly know how it feels to want to send them something special on their special day. We hope you enjoy your colourful gift!

Grandma Time Collage

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