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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flowers 28.05.15

After my lesson last time of fruits rolling of the basket. I had been very good and not try to take pictures of fruit on fancy tilted angles anymore. It doesn't mean taking pictures of our fruit baskets would be less fun nor would it suffer in presentation. In fact, our fruit baskets always seem to stand out amongst all the baskets in the room, simply because the fresh fruit array with their bright colour variations just make the baskets 'pop' visually. They are an attention seeking bunch, that is what they are.

The first fruit basket to make its way to the end of the work-top was the Healthy Fruit & Cheese Basket ordered by Mandy, Rugby. Before it could get into the hands of the packaging team, I jumped into and quickly snapped for a few photos.

Healthy Fruit & Cheese Basket Healthy Fruit & Cheese Basket

Mandy had actually forgot to include a gift card message with the basket. But fear not! Our Customer Care team is on the case and had swiftly emailed her to see if she has a message she would like the recipient to receive. Would it be Happy Birthday, Thank You or Get Well? Or maybe Happy Anniversary?

I originally also had two other fruit baskets to show you in this blog post but one of our couriers came earlier than expected so by the time I got out of to take pictures of the two assigned baskets, they were gone! Thankfully, some more last minute fruit orders came through and I had some new options to choose from. In the end, I went of the Floral & Fruit Get Well Basket.

Floral & Fruit Get Well Floral & Fruit Get Well

Because it's actually heading off to Belgium! Two of my cousins are actually over there right now - one is backpacking around Europe and one is on an exchange student placement in Brussels. The sending of this basket actually reminded me that hey, I could send things over there. Even fresh things like flowers and fruit because our European courier offers and express next day service - hooray!

Lastly, there was a Passionate Fruit Variety Basket. This is a 'thinking of you' basket to be sent to Hertfordshire under the request of two ladies in Bromley. There are not only passion fruits in the basket but a bottle of Passion Fruit Ginger Beer as well.

Passionate Fruit Variety Passionate Fruit Variety
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