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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flowers 20.05.15

We have some great looking fruit and flowers baskets going today. There was however a last minute realization that we didn't have enough kiwis to include in the basket and a last minute rush out to buy some which meant some of the baskets looked a bit incomplete at the time I wandered out for pictures. Thankfully, the kiwis arrived back in time and they were soon ready for their turn under the spotlight before being quizkly passed over to be wrapped and boxed.

We have an Extra Fruity gift basket being dispatched today, ordered by Craig in Pershore and to be sent to Hayley in Redhill.

724129 Extra Fruity Extra Fruity - Extra Yummy!

As the name suggests, the basket is fruits, fruits and more fruits. The only part of this basket which isn't exactly fruity is the luxury chocolate sauce (you can see the top of it, just peeking out at the back) which is currently on promotion as a complimentary gift. I don't think it's out of place in this basket though, just imagine: sliced fruit, in a bowl, ice cream, chocolate sauce mmmmmmm~

Next up onto the catwalk - ahem, I mean counter for photographing - is the Heartfelt Condolences basket.

7906169 Heartfelt Condolences Heartfelt Condolences

I'm a bit short so sometimes, I have a bit of difficulty taking a photo of the basket at an higher position/angle which I know would better showcase the items inside. What I usually do is try to prop the back of this basket up with a roll of ribbon or two to get the basket on a tilted angle. Unfortunately, in the case of fruit baskets, this method is not feasible because the slightest diagonal tilt will just have the rounder fruit at the top of the basket rolling straight off! Sometimes I try anyway, and I did for this one. BAD IDEA. Not only did the apple at the top rolled, the clementine did as well and the next thing I know, another apple and a passion fruit was joining them! I barely caught them all! Phew!

Thankfully, this didn't happen to the next basket, a Lady's Floral Basket heading to a primary school in Liverpool.

Lady's Floral Basket Lady's Floral Basket

You can't see it in the picture but it is propped up a little, just so that I can get a better look of the candle and to stop the lights from reflecting off the packaging on the products. Nothing is more frustrating than finishing a photoshoot, coming back and seeing white blotches on the products when you load the picture onto the computer. It wouldn't do this wonderful gift basket justice, right?

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