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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flowers 07.05.15

Let's start of the blog with one of our good ol' most popular gift baskets, shall we? Let me present you, today's Birthday Favourites Gift Basket!

Birthday Favourites

Truly living up to its name, the Birthday Favourites is a very popular gift basket in our birthday gifts range. It is rather difficult for days to go by without seeing one heading out of our depot and on their way to a new birthday boy/girl. I think it's the combination of the birthday items, fruit, cake and chocolate - a winning combination if I do say so myself. We do have various baskets which contains all four types of products but this one is by far the best seller. The lucky birthday girl this time is Barbara from Tamworth. And the person who ordered it also selected one of our upgraded delivery services to ensure Barbara would get it before 12noon tomorrow. Maybe the birthday girl have something planned in the afternoon and won't be home to sign for the package? We hope it's a party! If so, have a great one!

Next one, I admit I cheated a little. You see, Johnny was setting this one up for a photograph for his own blog post - we are looking very forward to reading it. I took one glance over, saw the mango and was instantly over.

CYO Customer Creation Basket

I LOVE mangoes. Here in the UK, the mangoes tend to be the green-pinkish skinned variety. Which is all well and dandy, but having a family from Hong Kong meant I am rather more inclined to liking the yellow skinned mango variety. We would argue that they are sweeter, smoother and oh my goodness, I am drooling at the thought of having one. In recent years though, we would occasionally see some of these yellow skinned mangoes get imported over here, but this is my first time seeing one in a basket!

The basket was ordered by a customer who is currently in the United Arab Emirates, and it's going to a student living in the university dorms of Queen's University, Belfast! Let me tell you, student, you are in for a TREAT!

Speaking of sweet tasting fruit, we are dispatching two Sweet Fruit Delight Gift Baskets today.

Doubly Sweet! Doubly Sweet!

I remember the basket wasn't exactly very popular last year but curiously, it's getting ordering more and more in the recent months. I wonder what changed? It's definitely not the basket. It's still the same design. Maybe the new trend is to send fruit baskets with a bit of chocolate goodies? Nonetheless, I am sure they will be well received by their intended recipients in London and Essex.

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