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Basket’s Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 14.05.15

So many birthdays! That was my first thought when I looked at the orders going out today. Birthday boy, girl, lady, woman, man, gentleman, mum, grandma, dad, granddad. So many! Is it some sort of collective birthday day today that nobody told me about? I can't glean anything about it online so I guess perhaps not? Perhaps this was just a coincidence? Maybe sending hampers is now the new trend for birthday presents. If so, I am not surprised. In fact, I want one!

I want one which looks like this:

723907 Birthday Bakers Distinction

It is one of our larger birthday themed hampers called  the Birthday Baker's Distinction. And it is a treasure trove of tea, chocolate and baked goods. I'd imagine that receiving one of these must feel like you just got your own tea party all set in a basket. All that is missing is a picnic rug, a set of dainty china teacups and the weather to enjoy it. Ah, and maybe some classy music playing in the background too. I wonder if that would be what the birthday girl's day would be like in Hampshire? Please invite me if so!

Another large birthday hamper leaving us today is the ever popular Great taste Award Gold Hamper. I'm sure you have seen this in past dispatch blog posts before but here it is again. It's just so photogenic, no wonder its one of so many people's favourites to buy for any gift occasion.

The final birthday themed hamper I had chosen to write about is actually rather special. It is an order to be delivered to York and it consisted of not one but two different baskets/hampers. It is going to an apart-hotel in York, for a mum and dad who would be staying there and sent from all their kids - or, according to the gift card message, from their 'munchkins'

723997 Two Baskets

One basket is to celebrate dad's birthday and the other is a belated Mother's Day present. I'm going to guess the fruity basket is for mum and the cheesy one is for dad. Don't be misled by dad's gift's size! There are more content underneath that top layer!

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