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Basket’s Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 07.05.15

Ah, it is Thursday again. Another day of me wandering out from my desk to snap up some lovely pics of baskets in the warehouse. Whether we are just not sending quite as many lidded hampers today or the warehouse was intentionally hiding them from me, I can't seem to find too many orders with lids. With how I have a high tendency of opening them for pictures then utterly failing in trying to put them back together (see my previous post), I wouldn't be surprised if they really were hiding them!

Thankfully, I spied with my little eye and caught one just before it ran away from me on the workbench.

This is a Great Taste Award Platinum Hamper and by far one of my favourite food hampers because of the sheer amount of content in them. Opening one was like opening a treasure chest! And the recipient of this particular treasure chest is an Oliver in the University of York, lovingly sent with birthday wishes from a relative in Estonia. Their relative had actually forgotten to include a gift card message at the time of order, but one of our staff spotted it, swooped in and saved the day with a some quick emails back and forth. Now Oliver would know who it's from and what it's for (why, eating of course!)

Great Taste Award Platinum Hamper Great Taste Award Platinum Hamper

I even managed to put the hamper back together this time without assistance and had secretly gave myself a pat on the back for doing a good job... or I presume is a good job because Katarzya was beside me when I did it and she didn't look at it with disappointment. For all I know, they probably fixed it up properly the moment I walked away and made a beeline for the next hamper to catch my eye. Actually, it was the hamper's gift message that got my attention.

Without divulging exact details, the hamper was a Thank You gift from a lady in Co. Cavan, Ireland to a couple in Co. Meath. She wanted to thank the husband for fixing her laptop and the wife for picking her up by the roadside! Now doesn't that sound like there is an interesting story behind it all?

Gourmet Wine Celebration

Last but not least, I turn the corner and saw a whole row of baskets sitting neatly and ribbon-wrapped up already. I could find a good angle with decent lighting to take a picture so I figured I'll stack them up for a more impressive shot.

Hamper Pyramid

What do you think? There were even more along the bench! In the picture, we have two Breakfast Baskets, a Yesteryear Tastes and a Golden Oldies. I think I am noticing a trend here, are you?

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