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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 11.05.15

The gift basket daily blog is the one I struggle most with and not because it's difficult to write, but because it's difficult to only include 3 gifts when we have LOTS of lovely ones to talk about. Instead I try to pick more unusual ones or ones that haven't been selected for previous blogs. I also sometimes sneak in a cheeky 4th or 5th example, the more the merrier is my motto!

Create Your Own baskets are always unique and so a good choice to go with when trying to keep ideas fresh. This pink-a-dink girly gift basket was created for a birthday girl in Bristol from her Aunty in Adelaide, Australia. She had picked charm braids, a cuddly dog, Barbie books and some sweet treats but we thought a little something extra might just add the extra 'wow' factor. Lynne added a complimentary 'Happy Birthday' balloon to the basket, and we think it really helps set it off.

CYO Bday 802885


Another Create Your Own gift basket also caught my eye, and this time it was for a mum in Swanage on her birthday. This basket really looked impressive with it's combination of savoury cheese and sweet chocolate truffles & muffins accompanied by a pretty flowering plant and birthday balloon.

CYO Mum Bday 802884


A Golden Touch was also going today which is one of our favourite pamper gift baskets for the more mature recipient. I had to do a double take at the gift card message, as it was written in another language I didn't recognise. Luckily I took to a translation website that quickly identified the languaage as Turkish and promptly translated the message into "Happy Birthday Mom".

Golden Touch 723729


This next gift basket No 1 Sister was just too cute not to include and was from one sister across the pond to another in Bracknell, along with the lovely message "Cheer Up, We Love You!"

No 1 Sister 723898

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