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A Week In The Life Of A BasketsGalore Customer Service Advisor

It is always busy here at Baskets Galore, and this is because there are so many different things going on and we speak to so many people. This week I have spoken to customers in Hong Kong, Brazil, Dublin, Australia and America, the list could go on! We communicate through email, telephone and live chat, all while checking order and getting them ready for dispatch.

We thought you might enjoy finding out a bit more about what a typical day is like for us & how we are always here to help you.

How I Helped A Customer

While sorting orders, I noticed one customers Gift Message, apologising for the inclusion of Pâté. I seen this was for a relative in hospital and emailed our customer, offering to replace this item with an alternative. Of course this was no problem for us to do and our customer was over the moon. After replacing the Pâté with our delicious Mint Truffles, and amended the Gift Card Message, we sent this off to a very grateful recipient. We are not your average Gift Basket Company, we cater to your needs!

Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened

To add to the many ways we connect with our customers, we have Live Chat, which allows you to get a quick response from our team. I was speaking to the lovely Emma, who needed to send her family a Gift Basket but needed to change the delivery address, I spent a while with her on Live Chat discussing her Gift Basket and awaiting the correct delivery address. Once we finalized the details, this was her reply:

'You have been AMAZING. It is a very difficult time and the kindness and and patience people are showing me and my family is really  touching. I can’t thank you enough, If you have a manager, get them over to read this thread! A+ customer service and I shall be recommending you left right and center, thanks! Em'. We couldn't be happier to help.

Something Difficult/Frustrating That Happened

Continuing with Live Chat, I was speaking with a woman from Brazil who unfortunately could not speak English very well. She was able to inform me that she wanted to place an order but did not understand how to. I ended up speaking to her in Portuguese using Google Translate. It did cause a few confusions but we always get there in the end!

Something Funny That Happened

Some days our phones can ring off the hook, today a customer was ordering over the phone and just before she hung up, she stated she wanted her Gift Message signed from Claire, with an 'A'. That was fine, call ended and then we thought, 'with an A'? is it not always spelt with an A... Claire, Clare, Calra? What should we do?! After a discussion it was revealed as Clare without an 'I', crisis averted!

Best Reason For Sending A Gift Basket

This week we had our most luxurious Baby Gift Basket being sent out, our Regal Baby Girl. This was from our customer in Hong Kong, who added a wonderful message addressing his new niece:

‘Dear Zoe, Welcome to Edinburgh, we trust you had a smooth journey and that your accomodation is comfortable. We all look very much forward to seeing you soon, Uncle Neil intends to get over ASAP and the rest of us will see

you at Christmas time. Don't scream and poo too much...’ We suspect this little one will be spoilt by her uncle.

Most Excited Purchaser/Recipient Of A Gift Basket

Yesterday, we had an email from our exotic customer Frederico from Brazil (Brazil must be going Baskets Galore mad) who was checking on the delivery of his Gift Basket to a friend in Dublin. Once we sent his delivery notification, we received this response: 'The basket was delivered to Dalila and she loved the surprise!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!

Yeeesss!!! Nice!! Thank you very much Victoria!! I am very happy!!!!!! Frederico’

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