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A New Take On Get Well Baskets?

I'm now the expert in this field having been ill on and off for the last 6 months. I don't know whether to put it down to having an 18 month old who tends to catch everything going, being generally run down or sitting next to another sickly person in the office and we pass illnesses back and forward!

May is now a new month and I am determined to be healthy for the rest of the year, well as soon as I shift this latest cold!

When I look at what we offer in terms of get well gift baskets there is so much choice you would think we had all bases covered, but could there be a gap for a potential new offering?

I had blogged earlier this month and selected some items needed to survive the latest virus doing the rounds, and we already stocked quite a few of the items available. The other things I listed would be pretty easy to source, so I'm going to try and design my own. I'm thinking along the lines of chicken soup, tissues, hand sanitiser and lucozade to add to our fresh fruit, snacks, magazines & crossword puzzles. Ideally we'd include cold and flu tablets as well, but I think that's likely to cause issues as it's medicine so they'll just have to stock up on those themselves! Check back soon to see how I get on creating this little masterpiece!

Chicken Soup ( Chicken Soup (

Or if you have an idea of the best things to include in my new get well hamper please just let me know & I may add it too.

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