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Relatively Sweet First Anniversary

One of the perks of working in Baskets Galore is that there is no shortage of possible gift ideas for your own gift occasions. Birthday, thank you, sympathy, wedding, get well etc, all are within our grasp and just a few steps away…. Well, maybe not quite a few steps. More like two dozen steps and a doorway into the warehouse?

And it is not just ourselves who benefit from this, our family and friends do as well! This was especially the case when one of Lynne’s relatives called up one day and asked for help with a customised gift basket. Lynne wasn't in the office at the time, but Andrea explained we'd be delighted to help. It's always nice to help out family & friends and also to have their support. We do get the odd caller claiming to be a friend or relative of a staff member to try and get a cheeky bit of discount, but luckily the lovely Ryan was who he claimed to be (Lynne's husband's cousin to be precise!)

As it was a highly customised basket he wanted to create, Ryan agreed to email all the details and list of contents through so as we could see exactly what he required and if we would be able to source the items locally for him, as he needed the gift delivered pretty promptly.

It turned out he wanted a special 1st Anniversary gift basket to be made for him and it was to be sent to a Radisson Hotel in Cavan, Ireland for him to surprise his special someone with.

He explained his girlfriend didn't really like fancy chocolates and so wanted to add a lot of big branded sweets and chocolates such as Cadbury's, M&M's and Malteser's. We don't tend to stock these chocolates as standard, but our team managed to make a special purchase of them and we even got our sister company to provide us with a bottle of white wine (non-sparkling as requested) to include as well! These items were combined with the cheese, crackers and nuts from our existing range & we included a few special extra's as a treat.

A romantic gift basket also isn't complete without a red rose & "I Love You" balloon. The end result looked gorgeous! This is it pictured before the cellophane gift wrap and ribbons were added.

1st Anniversary Custom Basket 1st Anniversary Custom Basket

Doesn't it just make you wish your partner would do something like this for you as well? To arrange for such an amazing, personalised gift to be assembled, delivered to the hotel you’re staying at on your anniversary and SURPRISE! If you do, I think you better start dropping hints early so they get a chance to have it arranged. Get those winks and elbows ready for the hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

We're happy to report that Ryan & his girlfriend were also delighted with the gift basket and posted a lovely comment to our Facebook page.

"Next delivery service was fantastic and the custom hamper is unbelievable, I definitely could not have done better. Thanks very much to Lynne, Victoria, Andrea and all the team to make my first anniversary extra special"

Ryan Forde Anniversary Basket

We hope you had a lovely anniversary weekend guys & enjoyed tucking into all the goodies.

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