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Personalise Your Gift Basket With A Specialised Birthday Gift Card

The majority of gift baskets we send out are directly to the recipient, rather than to the customer. Because of this there needs to be a gift card with  every basket, so as the recipient knows who sent it to them.

We have always included complimentary gift cards, and in the past few years offered the option to upgrade to a larger, more specialised gift card. This larger card had a cost associated with it however, so we had to think of a way to bring this cost down & pass the savings onto our customers. We tried sourcing more varieties of the smaller gift cards, but the choices were limited and we found gift cards for men particularly hard to get our hands on.

Instead we decided to create our own range of A5 gift cards in-house. This way we could design the perfect gift cards and have as many styles and occasions that we wished. We began by designing ones for all the major occasions such as birthdays, get well, thank you and blogged about this last year.

Since then we have had more specific designs created and printed, with an emphasis on our biggest selling category - Birthday Gifts. We now offer age specific birthday gift cards, in male and female versions, and cards for specific family members such as mum, dad, grandma and grandad.

New age card designs


We hope this helps to add another element of personalisation to your overall gift. We have a team of people in the office who process your orders. They will look at your order, the basket you have selected and your gift card message and then select an appropriate card to go with your gift (it's not all done by a computer or anything). Unless of course you are ordering a specially designed gift or holiday basket, as these will come with a themed gift card anyway i.e Mother's Day, Easter

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