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Not so Nutty on Getting Better

Have you ever had the feeling where your new pet project had just been completed a little while ago then you finally get to use it for the first time? That feeling of ‘This was what I was working for!’, or ‘It was all worth it!’, or even ‘man, I’m a genius!’. Even if it was something small, but that first time you used it, you felt like you were gleaming with brilliance.

That was me last week when I got to use my allergen guide table for the first time.

A customer had called up. They were in Canada and they wish to order a basket for a friend in the UK who was feeling rather blue. Problem: the recipient had a severe nut allergy. So without further ado, for the first time ever since I completed it, I opened up the allergen list I created a while ago.

The customer had already had an idea of which basket they would like, so it was only a matter of going through each item in the basket, cross referencing it with my allergens list and ensuring the item did not contain nuts nor was made in an environment where nuts were present.

Any products which contain nuts are then removed from the basket and a replacement nut-free alternative was put in. For example, sesame peanuts was switched out and replaced with chilli rice puffs.

Like all initial test drives, there were a few hiccups in the guide I created but they were not something a nip out to the warehouse and a scrutinising of the product in person could not fix.

Anything that we do not have a nut free alternative of (such as chocolate selections) we switched out for fresh fruit. The customer was pleased with the changes and we were given the signal to go ahead.

lindt to fruitI was a little worried that the basket might not look quite as colourful and impressive with the item swaps as sometimes it looks great on paper but when you put it together it seems to lack that extra sparkle to it. It turned out my worrying was unnecessary as it ended up looking great!

Fruit Floral Sympathy

What do you think? Do you know anybody with allergies which you would like to send something to? If so, feel free to contact us and we would be all too happy to help you choose/create a suitable basket for them!

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