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Candles for Your Age

I tend to like to start my posts with something a little about myself – be it something funny, something I observed, or something about myself. This post is no different. Now, having said that and given the subject of this post, you probably thought I would start with some witty liner about my age, right?

Well, I am sorry to disappoint, but you would be wrong. The main problem is that… well, I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember how old I am exactly the vast majority of the time. I was keeping track of my age so well all the way up to about 22? (Or maybe it was 23? Maybe 21?) After that year, all the numbers and birthdays kind of blurred together and when people ask me how old I am, I stare at them blankly as I wait for the cogs in my head to start turning, by which time, a family member or friend by my side would have answered the question for me (thank goodness!)

Thankfully, I found a work around and figured out that if I use my brother’s age and add ten, then I would get my age. Except right now (and every year) we reach that awkward middle zone where he had his birthday already (April) and I haven’t had mine (November) and remembering to subtract one from the total just doesn’t a snappy quick answer make.

So it is that when our new stock of number candles arrived freshly through the delivery mail, I looked at them and my mind did a great big ‘Er, which two numbers would be on my cake then?’

Age Candles Row

Whatever age I am though, I am bound to get some funky and cheerful looking candles on my cake with this selection! From stripes to polka dots, these candles are approximately 3 inch tall (1.5 inch actual number height) are bound to brighten every cake they go on.

Age Candles and Cards

I think with the combination of our age specific cards and the new candles, we are set to tackle birthday gifts of all ages! Keep an eye out for them coming soon to our Create Your Own Gift Basket section!

(PS – Knowing how old I am is not important. I only need to know how YOUNG I am - mwahaha)

(PPS – Don’t ask me how young I am. I dunno…)

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