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Birthday Basket '2 in 1' Gift Idea

Earlier this month, we received a call from a customer who wished to order two gift baskets for a dear little girl’s first birthday in London. The conundrum was that the customer liked two different first birthday girl baskets on our site. In the end, she resigned to just buying both as she cannot choose one over the other.

1st Birthday Gift - Girl
Baby's 1st Birthday Gift - Girl

Since it was such a sweet occasion, our customer service representative, Roma, then offered to make the order little bit more unique by combining two gifts into one instead of sending them separately. The customer loved the idea and she wasn’t the only one who like it, the warehouse team loved it as well!

It is not often that we get orders where the customer wish to combine two baskets but when we do, we are sure that the finished product was set to look beyond fabulous.

The only problem with these such orders tend to be the puzzle at the end of the basket assembly of how exactly to fit everything into the basket and still have it look great. That and also the stock team would have to go about ensuring that all elements of the basket would match as well which is sometimes a little difficult when they were originally two separate gifts. I think they did a amazing job in getting the contents to match and look pretty, no?

1st Birthday Girl Basket 2-in-1 1st Birthday Girl Basket 2-in-1

Hmm, speaking of which, I do believe my cousin’s own little princess would be turning one soon-ish. Now there’s an idea…

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