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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 30.04.15

‘Is this the prelude of a swarm of spring and summer wedding baskets?’

That was what I wrote last Thursday in our gift hampers dispatch blog post. Now, I’m not sure if my prediction is coming true or not, but there was yet another fantastic hamper leaving us to a pair of presumably newlyweds today. Why do I say presumably? Well, the gift card message was a little ambiguous and I cannot say for certain. Nonetheless, congratulations must be given in some way or form, be it truly a wedding or simply just for them receiving such a magnificent hamper, to the recipients in Dublin.

Great Taste Award Gold Hamper Great Taste Award Gold Hamper

The next hamper, I have to admit, and please don't tell the warehouse team, I er... um... untied the packaging ribbon, took the lid off and pulled some of the items out to get a photo. Nobody tell Katarzya I did it! I'm sorry for taking apart her beautiful basket creation! But I read Breakfast Basket on the packing list and I was like 'Ooooo breakfast!' and just HAD to open it up for a few quick snaps. Wouldn't you agree it was worth it?


Breakfast Basket Breakfast Basket

There were a lot more contents underneath but I didn't want to take too much out, because later on I found out that this packing and hamper assemble business is nothing to be sneezed at. I tried my best, but who knew it took talent to pack everything in so that they fit nice and secure, and that re-tying ribbons and bows so that they look as perfect as Katarzya's was a feat in and of itself? I mean, just look at them!

Ribbon Collage

In the end, I had to get help and the basket was repackaged for perfection once more. Sorry, dear recipients in Clapham  for making a tiny mess of your hamper's first packaging! It looks fabulous now that it is out of my hands and in the safety of the warehouse team again. (One of these days, I am sure one of them is going to dread Thursdays, because that's when I come in a mess with their creations)

As always birthday baskets dominate the dispatches. Here are two Cheesy Birthdays - one packed and one I snatched up before it got a lid on it. One is going a daddy in Cardiff (lovely place, my sister went there last month) and the other is from Colchester with 60th Birthday wishes to a gentleman in Penicuik.

Two Cheesy Birthdays Two Cheesy Birthdays
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