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Baskets Galore's Customer Gifts - Fruit & Flowers 23.04.15

Is it me or does this lovely weather we're having make these fruit baskets even more juicy and delicious looking than they already are? Can you imagine bringing one on a picnic to a park, or (wind and temperature permitting) to the beach?

Take these Cheesy Trio & Fruit baskets for example. One if going to Ben in Brighton under the orders of a team in Luton. The other was ordered by a loving son in Australia to be delivered to London for his mother's birthday. We hope the weather continues to be lovely in Brighton and London for the recipients to enjoy the contents of these baskets in the sun!

Cheesy Trio & Fruit Cheesy Trio & Fruit

Speaking of a pair of baskets, we have two more orders both of which contains two baskets each. First we have a Fruit Oasis and a Chilled Flavoursome Gift Basket going to a very lucky mother in Cleveleys for her birthday.

Fruit Oasis & Chilled Flavoursome Gift Basket Fruit Oasis & Chilled Flavoursome Gift Basket


And then we have an Extra Fruity basket combo-ed with an Executive Elle basket being sent to Potters Bar, Hertfordshire to celebrate, as the gift message put it: "TWO HEARTS BECOME ONE, AND 2 FAMILIES BECOME ONE"

Extra Fruity & Executive Elle Gift Basket Extra Fruity & Executive Elle Gift Basket
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