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A Truly Diamond Thank You

We always love it when a corporate customer from Christmas comes back to us during the year and wish to place an order. It always makes us rummage through our Christmas notes and records, so it gives our Corporate team a chance to pick through our memory for the company’s specifics. For myself, these orders very helpfully distracts me from the thought of dread for the upcoming months of hay-fever as spring starts popping flowers out of the ground (curse you, friendly neighbour with your overpopulated flowery garden!)

So it was that when our sister company Ciseain Go Leor receive not just an order but a very special order, we were running around excitedly at the idea even though it wasn’t us who was managing the order! The ordering company usually orders during Christmas but this time, they came back to us to request a special thank you basket to be created just for them.

They wanted one of our larger hampers, the Great Taste Award Supreme Diamond.

Great Taste Award Supreme Diamond

This hamper is already pretty large and is filled to the brim with yummy goodies, but the company wanted to make it even more extravagant by adding additional Irish foods and a selection of premium wines. We may not be managing the order, but we certainly helped with our sister company’s corporate team with sourcing some of the wine – a great chance for us to flex our internet and local stores scouring muscles.

Here was the finished product:

Supreme Diamond and Extras Supreme Diamond and Extras

Can we say WOW? Imagine receiving this package through the door! And then opening it! I’d imagine that the recipient’s face would be glowing like they were opening a treasure chest!

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