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A Mango-licious Birthday

As mentioned in a previous post, I adore mangoes. Be it fresh mangoes, dried mangoes, mango ice cream, mango pudding, mango juice, candy, sorbet… You get the idea. I actually hold the record within my family for most mini 100ml ice cream pots devoured in one sitting. They were all gloriously mango flavoured, and it was at a buffet so I figured I may as well eat as much as I paid. I ate 14 mini tubs; that’s 1400ml of mango ice cream on top of all the other food I ate - I pretty much demolished the dessert table single handedly.

So it was that when a customer phoned up asking if we could create a mango-only birthday basket, I was all up for it and must admit, felt a tad bit jealous for the birthday boy.

At first, I had envisioned a basket filled completely with fresh mangoes. Who could resist? Certainly not me! But that idea was quickly replaced by another one: how about a basket which has fresh mangoes, chocolate mangoes and mouth-watering dried mangoes? Perfect.

Mouth-watering Mango Goodness!

The team put it together and we were just about to ship it when we decided it still doesn’t look wow enough. So we added rearranged the basket and changed up the content a little bit more with some chocolates and a pineapple and voila! The basket looked simply divine!

Isn’t it so gorgeous?

We later heard from the customer that the recipient was very happy with the basket and impressed too! We hoped they had a mango-tastic birthday! I know I would if I had such a basket.

What about you? If you had a basket with a one-fruit theme, what would it be?

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