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So Good We Order Our Own Gift Baskets

BasketsGalore is a brilliant place to work when you need a gift, and even better when you need it in a hurry.

Over the years I have given gift baskets as gifts on several occasions, although I don't want to be a bore and give them EVERY time. Being a member of staff means we get a little bit of staff discount too, one of the perks! In the past few years I've sent/given quite a few engagement baskets, wedding hampers and new baby gift baskets to both family and friends. You can see the progression of occasions here as I get older! I've also given hampers as Christmas presents, to family I don't work with! Birthdays are another great one to organise them for, as I had a best friend who lived in Manchester. I also tend to get my husband one bigger present for his birthday and then create a little basket of his favourite beers and sweets as an added extra. We also often stay with my his Aunt when we visit London (in fact we are going for Easter) and so a thank you gift basket is another great option.

This made me wonder if my colleagues also use BasketsGalore's services as much as I do, and so I asked around the office and warehouse.

Kate has given Birthday Baskets, Christmas Hampers and Baby Gifts and her family members have also ordered via Kate for thank you and hen party gifts.

Roma has ordered a few Baby Gift Baskets and has also sent gifts to her mum back in Lithuania.

Victoria has ordered Valentine's Gift Baskets for her boyfriend, as it means she gets to have share too.

Laura has ordered some Christmas hampers for her family and a birthday basket for her friends 21st. She also received a birthday basket for her own 21st birthday. Her family got in touch with us secretly to arrange it!

Jonny's mum benefits from his working at BasketsGalore in the form of Birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day Gifts.

Lynne has lots of nieces and nephews living in Scotland, and so they often receive a kids gift basket.

Selina has sent Get Well Gifts to poorly family members as well as Wedding Hampers.

Sylwia, Kasia & Pawel have ordered Congratulations Gift Baskets for their friends for engagements, weddings or anniversary gifts.

Neil has sent thank you gift baskets to people he has worked with or who have helped him out.

We order our own baskets


What occasion would you send a gift basket for? Or do you have any great perks to your job?

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