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Packaging Your Fresh Fruit Gift Baskets

You may have seen the video we recently shot about how we create and package your fresh fruit and flower gift baskets.

Great care and attention goes into selecting the finest, freshest fruit and ensuring it arrives with the recipient in the same top condition.

We take several steps when packing our fruit baskets to help protect the fruit in transit, from when it leaves our central hub until it is delivered by our courier company the next day.

First of all, a layer of protective shred it added to the base of the basket and each piece of fruit is carefully set into the basket. Any supporting items, such as biscuits, cheese or crackers are packed around the fruit so that all the items are secure within the basket.

Fruit on shred Fruit Protected With Shred


We tend to include harder fruit types in our gift baskets just as apples, oranges, pineapples and passion fruit. Softer fruits such as strawberries and bananas run the risk of becoming bruised when the parcel is making its way through the delivery network. We do include some softer fruit however, such as grapes and blueberries. To give them an extra layer of protection they are kept inside a clear carton to shield them from the other, harder fruit within the gift basket.

We've recently been researching an alternative carton to this clear one, which would still be protective but look slightly more aesthetically pleasing & tie in with the overall look of our gift baskets. I can across the picture below, described as "pricey grapes". We think this is really pretty and are working towards creating similar packaging to house our gift basket grapes.

Pretty Grapes Pretty Grapes


Once the contents have been added and assembled, the whole basket is then shrink wrapped to secure the items within. If they were to move around too much then the fruit could become bruised.

Shrink wrapped fruit Shrink wrapped fruit

The shrink wrapped basket is then placed into a delivery carton/box which is lined with air cushions to pad it. This stops the overall basket moving about inside the box, and so keeps your gift safe and secure.

Fruit With Pillows Fruit With Pillows

The end result is a fruit basket delivered to your door, that looks as good as it tastes.

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