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Baskets Galore's Favourite Types Of Birthday Cake

If you were to ask everyone (any age) what is their favourite thing about it being their Birthday, do you know the most common answer? It is always going to be CAKE!


Though, the one thing that will be different is the type of cake everyone wants for their birthday. That can sometimes be the best part, waiting all year to get your favourite cake, whether it is home-made or shop bought, it will taste great. We have a nice selection of cakes to choose from when getting a birthday gift, we have a chocolate fudge cake, an iced fruit cake and a moist tea cake, along with a number of cupcakes. Which are available in our Birthday Gift Basket Range & on our sister site Create Your Own Gift Basket.

Below is all our favourite types of cake:

Andrea - Vanilla Angel Cake (light sponge ring cake with cream and strawberries in the middle)

Kate - Chocolate sponge cake

Laura - Double chocolate cake (she would also like to request 2)

Lynne - Chocolate fudge cake (Devil's food cake to be precise)

Luke - Traditional jam sponge with icing

Neil - Sugar free nutty sponge cake

Roma - Cheesecake (any flavour she isn't picky)

Selina - Carrot cake

Shannon - Coffee cake

Comment below and tell us which is your favourite birthday cake.


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