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Baskets Galore's Bunnies Still Looking A Good Home

Last year we had a visit from some "Evil" bunnies and well they haven't left yet. They are still looking for a good home, but they aren't doing a very good job, they like it here too much. Now we don't know how to tell them that they have out stayed their welcome. This year, we are hoping that you lovely people will help them find a good home.

Well what do you think, would you willing to have one in your home? Still not convinced check out a detailed description of our little bunnies before you decide.

  • They are fluffy & easy to keep clean
  • They are very petite, they won't take up much space
  • They can feed themselves, they always seem to have carrots to eat
  • They are quiet & don't make much noise
  • Though they can be troublesome, their "evil" looks can scare other stuffed animals

So if you think your stuffed animals can handle our little bunnies and if you would be willing to have one in your home, comment below and they may even appear in our new Easter Gift Baskets.

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