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A Fishy Tale Of Salmon, Algae & Tiny Jellyfish!

BasketsGalore are proud to offer organic smoked Irish salmon in our fresh hampers and gift baskets all year round, not just at Christmas time.

However, this is of course dependent on our supplier being able to provide us with the product. Unfortunately for the past couple of years there has been a shortage of  salmon stocks at the beginning of the year, for one reason or another.

Anthony Cresswell from Ummera Smoked Products wrote:

"For the last two years, we have been left without salmon supplies in January and February. Last year it was because of an invasion of clouds of tiny jellyfish that devasted stocks in the Autumn of 2013. The shortage this year was affected by a large bloom of a species of algae, Chaetoceros spp."

Ummera were kept informed of the potential problem this time, which led to the early harvesting of salmon in October 2014, and so they were able to buy stock in advance to cover their requirements during the early months of 2015.

Their excellent foresight and planning meant that there was only 1 week during which we couldn't get a fresh delivery of salmon. Due to this, rather than putting all our salmon baskets to "out of stock" & risk disappointing our customers, we decided to source alternative salmon to cover us during that week.

Anthony is pleased to report that they have since had a fresh delivery of salmon, which is currently smoking and will be available for delivery again this week.

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