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Top 5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

It seems like only yesterday we were all struggling to decide to what gifts to buy our men for Christmas, it has come around again so quick. Don't worry too much though because we have got you covered, we have done all the hard work and found out the Top 5 Valentine's Gifts For Him, so you don't have to, you're welcome.

1. Tickets

Whether your man is into sports, music artists or the theatre, tickets are a great gift for 2 main reasons, shows him you listen when he talks about what he likes and also allows him to have some fun watching what he enjoys.

2. Beard Trimmer 

A man doesn't seem to be a man anymore unless he has a beard (we will see how long this trend lasts). This gift is a win win for everyone he can take pride in his manscaping skills and you can be happy that there will now always be a neat and tidy beard on show.

3. Trip Away 

What is the worst part about going on holiday? The stress of organising the trip, give your man the luxury of sorting it all out he just needs to be packed and ready to go on the day, though try and pick somewhere you both will love.

4. Cologne 

This one is an old favourite, because it just works everytime. Every man has is own specific scent that they like wearing, show him you care by buying the one he loves even though it may not be your cup of tea.

5. Jewelry (Watch)

Jewelry is always a hard one to buy for men, but there is a hope, watches is the most popular jewelry piece with men. The fact being that everyone loves a good classic watch.

These are all lovely ideas and would be gratefully received by anyone, but what if you want to do something a little bit different this year? A gift with that personal touch and some thought behind it. Almost like a gift you have made yourself, only possibly a lot nicer than you could manage and without the stress or time needed to come up with your own? That’s when a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket is a great idea!

BasketsGalore have a special range of Romantic Gift Baskets that are available for delivery throughout the UK and Ireland.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets For Him come in a variety of types, all of which are adorned with a romantic gift card, silk red rose, red ribbon and occasionally a cute “I Love You” balloon. Which of the gift options below would you most like to receive?

A) Fruit Gift Basket

B) Sweet/Candy Gift Basket

C) Pamper Gift Basket

D) Gadget/Boys Toys Gift Basket

E) Cheese/Crackers Gift Basket

F) Gourmet Gift Basket

G) Chocolate Gift Basket


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