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From Bad Breathe To Bulge Battles - New Relationship Worries

In the spirit of Valentine's Day we got talking about what we were all doing to celebrate. Some of us are in new relationships, some of us are married and some of us are single, so the responses varied from 'nothing' to a 'romantic weekend away'. Some things we did all agree on however were the funny things you worry about at the start of a new relationship.

We've put together a fun graphic featuring some of the things we came up with. We didn't get all deep and include feelings, mainly physical things as you've only met them. Was there something you used to worry about on first dates or in the early relationship stages? Or have we missed a really obvious one?

New relationship worries

We don't just offer romantic Valentine's Day Gift Baskets, but also caring gifts for special friends and for sons & daughters as everyone deserves  to feel loved.

So whether you're single or in a relationship this Valentine's Day we hope you all get a little bit of love :)

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