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Baskets Galore's Top Alternative Get Well Gifts

We are always aiming to cater for all the needs of our customers but at this time of year it seems that there are more Get Well Gifts than any other being sent out daily. (Check out below how many Cozy Cuddles a very popular Get Well Gift, were sent out in 1 day.) With the cold & flu season still in full force, it doesn't seem like that will be changing any time soon. So why not showcase all that we have to offer, if you want to be different, want to get noticed and don't want to just send another fruit basket or bunch of flowers to that sick someone, then keep reading. We will show you how you can give them a real treat because sometimes a good time can be the best cure.

Our extensive range of Alternative Get Well Gifts means that there will be the perfect basket for everyone, whether they prefer snuggling up in bed or on the sofa with a book or magazine, taking the time to pamper themselves, spending hours completing a tricky jigsaw puzzle or more snuggling but with a movie instead. We have it all, whether you want to take the stress out of finding the perfect combination and select a pre-made basket, there are plenty to choose from. Alternatively you can go to our sister site where you can find all our alternative get well gifts separately and you can create your own gift basket and tailor the gifts specifically to them.

Below is the breakdown of our Alternative Get Well Gift Range:

If they need Entertainment:

If they need Pampering:

If they need Relaxation:

If they need some Treats:

Is there anything you love doing or crave when you are sick, comment below and it may be added to our Get Well Gift Range.

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