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Favourite Christmas Memories By BasketsGalore

It's been a long January, and by now Christmas may already seem like a distant memory to many of you. In fact when I first asked around here regarding everyone's favourite memories from Christmas they really had to rack their brains to think of any!

They all managed to come up with some in the end though after a cup of coffee & we've presented them in the image below.

What about you folks? Have you a favourite memory or have we left a really obvious one out? (it is Monday after all)

Favourite Christmas Memories

A few of us full-timers even managed to come up with some favourite BasketsGalore Christmas memories, as we do spend a lot of time here in December!

Jonny's was managing to find the keys for the forklift after temporarily misplacing them & stressing the warehouse out.
Shannon's was getting to imagine herself in a variety of sunny locations as she phoned/live chatted to customers around the world.
Laura's was getting to wear her wide variety of Christmas/Winter/Novelty jumpers.
Luke's was successfully installing our new payment gateway on the websites.
Kate's was getting to take home leftover Christmas goodies for her family to fight over.
Victoria's was getting to read lots of lovely gift cards messages our customers had written to their loved ones.
Roma's was organising the delivery of Christmas hampers to celebrities.
Sylwia's was getting to avoid the whole ordeal by going on Maternity leave at the end of November.
Kasia's was having a replacement shrink-wrapping helper in the form of Elina after Sylwia left.
Pawel's was seeing the arrival of the temporary Christmas staff to help him with all the additional orders.
Selina's was getting to stay in the warm office and avoiding making hampers in the colder warehouse.
Mine, Lynne & Neil's was surviving another successful Christmas.

Do you work in retail over Christmas? Do you like to be busy or prefer the quieter times?

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