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Baskets Galore's New Photography & New Photographer

With the New Year came New Gift Baskets and New Gift Hampers! Though, the in-house photographer Slywia is currently off on maternity leave so there was no professional photographer, I stood up to the plate and took one for the team. This was my first experience with taking professional photographs, I was so excited to get started. I was taught the basics from Neil, who has previously took photographs of our baskets and hampers, on which are the best ways to position the products and the best angles to take the photographs from. At first I worked closely with Neil and we set up and took the photographs of the first few baskets and hampers, then I worked on my own and only asked for guidance and approval once I had took the photographs.

I realised that the excitement had been part nervousness but once I knew the basics and saw just how Neil worked, I became so determined to create the best photographs I could, I had a great time learning the new techniques and it was great to try something new (Helped out with that pesky try something new, new year resolution!). I discovered that I had a real interest in photography, I was sad when all the baskets were photographed, but I was also very proud of myself for stepping up to the challenge and proving that I could do a good job.

The new range was split into Gift Baskets and Gift Hampers and each basket (as shown below is the stem version) then add a number of different additions added to create variety and to provide more choice. For example some had a flowering plant added, some added organic smoked salmon and cooked carved ham and some added bottles of wine or champagne for our sister site The range of baskets and hampers, from concept to available for purchase on the website took 1 full week for completion including the process of setting up the photography room with lightening and props, taking all the photographs. Once the photographs were taken they were given to the design team who edited the images ready for the website and then the website team added them to the website. It was decided that they all would be added to out Big January Discount Event, as a thank you to our loyal customers.

Below are the new baskets that I photographed you can judge for yourself how my first attempt went! Comment below your opinion of the new range.

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