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Baskets Galore's Birthday Food Alternatives

Birthdays are the one occasion that everyone around the world shares, some occasions only affect certain Countries, region or even gender but everyone has a Birthday. Though, not everyone celebrates their Birthday in the same way, they are many different traditions, but more importantly many different food traditions.

Here at Baskets Galore we try to make our Gift Baskets & Gift Hampers both diverse and interesting, although for our Birthday range, we have incorporated traditional UK & Ireland baked good products. For example some contain Birthday Cake and for variety some contain other forms of cake i.e. fruit cake & chocolate fudge cake.

Firstly, I discovered where the first Birthday Cake is said to originate, some believe that first it was the Greeks who created a round cake which represented the full moon, to honor their mood goddess Artemis, they added a candle so the cake would glow like the moon. Though, others believe that it was the Germans, who baked a sweet layered cake with a candle in the center to represent the "light of life".

It got me thinking though what other food traditions from around the world could we possibly add to our Birthday Gift Baskets & Hamper range. Here are a few of the food products I have come across, comment below if their is any you know of that would be fun to add to Gift Baskets that I have not included.

  • In Australia their parties feature fairy bread - which is sliced white bread coated in butter and sprinkles.
  • In China they bake small steamed sweet buns and also dye hard boiled egg shells pink.
  • In Brazil they serve Brigadeiro, candies made from sweetened condensed milk and chocolate.
  • In Ecuador they bake sugar cookies and serve them with tea.
  • In India birthday parties feature payesh which is a type of rice pudding.
  • In Mexico - create a pinata and it becomes the highlight of the birthday parties
  • In Netherlands - traditionally you make your own cake for your party guests
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