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Baskets Galore's Big Question, Is Christmas Your Favourite Occasion?

Christmas is just over and the festivities are still fresh in your mind. The amazing street decorations & lights, your own home decorations, the festive food and drink and the fun of giving & receiving gifts. So, I thought I would ask everyone at Baskets Galore, is Christmas truly your most favourite time of the year. With the shops always busy, the long nights spent wrapping gifts, cold weather and dark nights. The results were very varied it seems that everyone has their own favourite, it was definetly interesting to see what everyone thought and now we all know when each person would love a Gift Basket.


Here is the breakdown of the results, some prefer:

  • Easter because that means summer is coming
  • Mother's Day because it is a day to be treated after your hard work being a mother
  • Anniversary because it is great to have a lovely day together in the summer
  • Birthday because it is one day of the year all about me
  • Chinese New Year / New Year because it is a new fresh start and there are lots of cool festivities

If there is any great holidays or occasions that you love but we have missed make sure to comment them below.




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