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"Above The Call Of Duty" - BasketsGalore Customer Service Reviews

You may have read how we like to treat each order as if it was going to one of our own friends or family members (or you can do here). Because of this we often go the extra mile to help unite potential recipients with their gift baskets on those special occasions.

One evening I was working a bit later into the evening and our office phone rang. It was past closing time but I decided to answer seeing as I was still there & might be able to help someone.

The caller was a gentleman named Michael who had just placed an order on our website for a birthday gift basket to his mum. He was calling to say he had noticed the next available delivery date on the calendar wasn't tomorrow, but in fact the day after. I explained that this was correct as our gifts are dispatched on an overnight service and the couriers had already collected from us that evening.

He in turn explained that the gift basket was for his elderly mother's birthday tomorrow, and as he is now living in California he had phoned first thing their time to try & get it there on time for her special day. Unfortunately first thing California time is last thing for business hours in the UK. He also explained his mum was celebrating her 93rd birthday, what an achievement eh!

Normally I wouldn't be able to do anything to help as the delivery address could be anywhere in the UK or Ireland and the courier companies do not offer a same day delivery service. Any that do are normally based in the local area or outsource it to a florist or similar business who are in the local area. The problem with that can be you might end up with an entirely different gift.

I looked up Michael's order and noticed that the delivery address was actually fairly local to us, about 15-20 miles away. I told him he might be in luck as I could ask my colleagues if one of them could maybe deliver the gift on their way home tomorrow evening, as they had already left for the evening that day. I told him to leave it with me & I would see what I could do when I spoke to them tomorrow.

I then drove home & happened to mention what had happened to my husband over dinner. He asked me what the delivery address was & it turned out his place of work was quite close to the recipients address. He said he could take the gift basket with him to work the next day & deliver it at lunch time (on her actual birthday) - what good luck!

My only problem now was that I was at home with no gift basket and he needed it by 7.30am if he was to take it with him.

I had to call in reinforcements in the shape of Selina (my mum & work buddy) and ask her to meet me back at the BasketsGalore warehouse (luckily we both only live 5 minutes away!) She was then able to make up the gift basket while I printed the gift card message and delivery address.

I then brought the gift home with me and my kind hubby took it with him to work the following day. On his lunch break he nipped out to deliver the gift basket, and after a couple of attempts he managed to get it delivered. We let Michael know and he was one happy customer, as we had been able to get the birthday gift to his mum on the exact date after all.

Michael kindly posted us a review to thank us for our efforts. You can read what he had to say here.

Have you ever gone out of your way to get a present to someone?



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