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Top 10 Awful Gifts Baskets Galore Does Not Offer

Everyone has experienced that gut wrenching feeling of being giving a gift which they really did not "enjoy". Don't worry looking at these awful gifts will make you feel better but the gift you received. (Or we hope it does!)

I have done this list in no specific order they are all just as awful as each other in my opinion, I hope you don't receive any of these this year.

1. Silly Socks

It is the most overused gift expecially for men, but now it has been made worse when they have created awful novelty designs. These are the worst I was able to find. (Disclaimer: not all novelty socks are awful)

Sandal Socks Sandal Socks

2. Bacon Wallet

When your trusty (possibly old) wallet is ripping at the seams, it is heart breaking to have to buy a new one, so receiving one as a present is a lovely hassle free way to get a wallet. What happens when you get this wallet, it should not be allowed to be used in public.

Bacon Wallet Bacon Wallet

3. Nose Shower Gel Dispenser 

This gift in theory should be the perfect Christmas gift, since everyone receives an abundance of bath and shower products, it would be a useful way to get through your collection. This though is taking novelty items to a gross level, it is definetly not something you want like to find in a bathroom.

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

 4. Bridget Jones Underwear 

Sock and pants are probably the most common gifts at Christmas some can be nice if bought by a partner or if they are cute. Though when someone is giving Bridget Jones Underwear it sends a message that no woman wants to receive.

Bridget Jones Pants Bridget Jones Pants

5. Fish Tie

Here is the scenario you have to buy a present for a man, he wears a shirt and tie (insert reason why here), buying him a tie seems like the perfect gift but then you don't know his style so you go down the humorous novelty theme. That is where the perfect gift then becomes awful, that poor man will now feel obliged to wear a ridiculous novelty tie in public.

Fish Tie Fish Tie

6. Bloodily Hand Print Shower Curtain 

This gift may be the perfect gift for Halloween but not for Christmas. That is all that needs to be said about this gift.

Blood Stained Shower Curtain Blood Stained Shower Curtain

7. Vegetable Peeler

Some people think that buying presents for Foodie People is easy because any cooking instrument would be greatly appreciated. I don't think anyone would appreciate this kitchen gadget, its like being bought a chocolate teapot.

Vegetable Peeler Vegetable Peeler

8. Sudoku Loo Roll

Why is it that the worst presents are typically bathroom related? This one is a weird one that I doubt anyone would use if they received it, proving that this is an awful gift and should not be bought to anyone.

Sudoku Loo Roll Sudoku Loo Roll

9. Wind Up Racing Grandparents

This one is ridiculously silly and I am sure that no grandparents will appreciate it. It may entertain the under tens, that does not mean that it should be sold as adult gifts.

Wind Up Racing Grandparents Wind Up Racing Grandparents

10. Instant Snow 

Personally I love the snow (the real stuff though) but instant snow is an awful messy product, that never looks like how it is supposed to and you just get sprays of snow flying around everywhere. Kids may like this product but no parent will enjoy the cleaning.

Instant Snow Instant Snow


If there is any awful presents that you have received but is not mentioned above make sure to comment below.

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