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BasketsGalore Love To Chat - Olark Live Chat Proving Popular

We are always looking to improve our service at BasketsGalore by adding new features to our website to assist our customers. We have used a "live chat" facility for a number of years now & have always found it to be an extremely useful & effective method of communication.

Live Chat is a way for customers to be able to connect with you instantly via your website. At the touch of a button you can connect with us & within a few seconds have your query answered.

We've trialled a number of different live chat programmes over the years and as time has gone on, the technology available has become more and more sophisticated

We introduced Olark Live Chat  a couple of months ago, so as we could have it trialled and tested in time for the Christmas rush.

Rather than a separate pop up window, Olark acts more like a messenger & so your chat is always available in the bottom right hand side of the screen. This is useful for our customers who wish to carry on browsing while waiting for a reply from an operator.

olark live chat on site

Our live chat service is available during working hours & these hours will also be extended during December.

Should a customer try to chat with us outside of office hours, Olark invites them to type an email instead and emails us a copy of your question.

In terms of functionality for ourselves, we also benefit from the messenger style chat. Having the chat in a separate window can be more awkward as you have to flick between windows/tabs and you don't always notice when a customer has typed back to you if you have more than one chat on the go at one time. Now the chat is always active and pops up & alerts you when a reply has been received.

Olark also allows us to see the visitors on our site & proactively chat with them if you like. We can also co-browse with you if you need us to show you where a product is for example. There are also lots of stats available to help us with your query such as which page you are on, what country you are chatting from and if you are a previous customer/chatter.

We hope you find the live chat facility useful. We really recommend it if you need a quick answer to something, such as what is the cut off time for orders or if you have a product query.

If you need help tracking an order or rearranging delivery we recommend replying to your order confirmation email instead as our live chat support team cannot answer these queries instantly. It takes a little time to follow up with the delivery courier etc so an email is more effective in these instances. We're pretty quick at getting back to you via email, usually within an hour. At Christmas time we ask you to bear with us & allow us at least 24 hours to respond, due to the extremely busy time of year.

Let  us know your thoughts on your experiences with live chats.

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